How To Create a Believable Protagonist

Creating believable characters can be difficult and you might not realize the flaws in the construction of your character until someone else reads your story. Here are some ways to ensure your protagonist is believable to all.

  • The most important thing is to establish facts about your character that you would deem important when you meet a new person. For example: age, personality, appearance. Don’t skip over these details just because you have a clear image of your character in your head- your readers don’t!
  • Use dialogue to enhance your character’s traits. Other characters talking about the protagonist can make the reader aware of some flaws that you couldn’t state blatantly. The protagonist’s own speech can also do this. But be aware that too much dialogue can overload the reader with unnecessary information- therefore don’t overuse dialogue!
  • Try to incorporate some idiosyncrasies in your character- but not too many or you might weird out the reader. Adding some unusual habits that your relatives or friends have (pacing when nervous, tugging at hair when stressed, never drinking from the same cup twice, etc) to your character can really boost their believability.
  • Be realistic– don’t make out the protagonist to be an anxious wreck who somehow manages to saves three people from a burning building in the next chapter. You need to gradually develop their personalities; perhaps they become braver as the story progresses, allowing them to perform heroic acts in your final scene.

That’s all for today, folks. If you found these tips helpful, leave a comment!


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